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Product Description

10 KG Includes : 4 X 2 litres of ready-to-use fertilizer, Spray applicator with shut off valve and instructions

1 : BETTER GREENS (Spring)

25-2-3 liquid lawn fertilizer with triazone, and is fortified with nitrogen, no risk of burns to your lawn.

It revives a lawn and brings back its natural beauty.


 2 : SUPPLEMENTS (May – June)

18-1-2 liquid lawn fertilizer with natural seaweed.

Maintains a beautiful green lawn and enables it to directly assimilate nutrients stimulating growth and correcting deficiencies.


3 : MINERALS (July – August)

10-3-3 liquid lawn fertilizer with natural seaweed.

The compounds naturally present in seaweed will enhance lawns by including biosynthesis and the formation of molecular complexes (chelation) and provide the other nutrients (C, H, O, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, B, Zn, Mn, Cu, Mo, Cl) wich are essential to plant’s growth.


4 : STRONG ROOTS (September – October)

10-10-10 liquid lawn fertilizer strong in phosphorus and potassium.

It fortifies roots and protects lawns againts the inclemency of winter.


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