Swimming pool starting kit



Oxysan is a complete starting kit for your pool (up to 50 000 litres) including a non-chlorine shock treatment that eliminates organic contaminants in your pool without causing odor problems nor skin or eye irritations.


OXIDATION + SANITATION = Successful water treatment

  • To obtain crystal clear water
  • Will not cause corrosion problems like copper sulfate products
  • Minimizes chlorine odors and eye irritation
  • Keeps your pool lining clean
  • Excellent value
  •  Easy to use


1 : WATER CLARIFIER  (2 litres)

Restores water purity and clarity of your pool.


Preserves water purity and clarity by maintaining chlorine level above 1 ppm in your pool. Kills bacteria present in your pool.

Easy to use, just add 1 or 2 pellets of sanitizer in your skimmer each week.


Cleans your filter sand and eliminates seborrhea stains. Avoids replacing filter sand.

4 : WALL GREASE REMOVER (without scrubbing 2 litres)

Cleans and prevents stains around your pool lining, concrete and fiberglass.

Dissolves rapidly and can be poured during swimming. Compatible with chlorine, it eliminates stains caused by acid rain and greasy substances on pool lining.

For optimal results, remove leaves and solid residues from the bottom of your pool, fill with water and vacuum. At the same time, proceed with few *Back Wash* not to forget to clean your pump filter.

 Fill up the pool once more and remove all floating items ; then pour the complete content of clarifier #1 into the pool to coagulate tiny particles and increase filter efficienty.

Next step, remove the plastic wrapper from the 2 clorine pucks and place them in the swimmer.

The following day, pour the  content of the *non-chlorinated choc treatment* evenly into the pool.

Do a *Back Wash* regularly and if the water is not clear after 3 or 4 days, you should proceed with a chloride shock treatment or have your water analysed.

Once the water is clear, clean the bottom of your pool and perform another  *Back Wash* while pouring half of the sand filter cleaner #3 into the skimmer ; apply the other half of the bottle the following month during a *Back Wash*.

When it gets warm enough, using an old cloth soaked with wall grease remover #4, clean the ring around the edge of the pool. Pour the remaining content of the wall grease remover #4 into the pool.

Make sure to do your regular treatments.

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