Spray & Green is a company which specializes in the production of liquid fertilizers, ice melt products, swimming pool kits and in the manufacturing of plastic bottles, containers and caps. Our company also offers lawn care and subcontracting services. Our mission is to diversify in various fields helping to secure growth while offering outstanding services.


The company Spray & Green, located in Delson, Quebec, was founded in 1987 by Mr. Jean-Charles Tull.

Spray & Green started in a 700 square foot garage in St-Césaire, Québec. At that time, the only product offered was a 2 litre liquid lawn fertilizer with a sprayer attached to the bottle. However, Mr. Tull did not stop there and decided to compete with lawn care companies by developing its own  do it yourself lawn care program at a lower cost. The new product was an immediate success on the market.

Since then, Spray & Green diversified to adapt to the needs of its customers and to the environmental requirements. Spray & Green products are now safer for environment. The company also marketed since year 2000 a sea weed based lawn fertilizer program called Biogreen, a swimming pool starting kit and a urea based ice-melter.

Spray & Green bought in year 2000 a blow molding machine to manufacture its own plastic bottles and containers. The company saved on its manufacturing costs and increased its volume by selling to other companies. Spray & Green is now a year round producer. The products are distributed throughout Canada in hardware stores and garden centers. The company also exports plastic containers and spreader caps in the United States.

Today, the company offers a wide range of different products as well as subcontracting services. Its goal is always being ready to give the best possible quality of products and to maintain a good collaboration with its customers and suppliers.